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What if you could combine an uninterrupted view of a green environment with the advantages of the city and innumerable places to relax in? Introducing the Van Eyck Park, a new residential area on the municipal park of Antwerp: a unique addition to the city’s housing.

Antwerp: Dazzling city on the Scheldt River

Choosing to live in Antwerp is choosing a rich city life. Within a stone’s throw of the historic town centre, you are in the perfect place to explore every corner of Antwerp, be it the old heart of the city, the fashionable south, the effervescent Seefhoek or the warm Zurenborg. Whether you like shopping, convivial pavement cafés, soaking up culture or exploring the small authentic side streets, in Antwerp, there’s something for everyone.

Municipal park as front garden

The Van Eyck Park, which lies on the stately avenue Van Eycklei, is the 14 hectare green lung of Antwerp and it is extremely important for the city’s inhabitants. It is a place where many go to cool off in the summer and to get fresh air in the winter. Living with a view of the park, you’ll never get bored of that. In the autumn, the park presents itself as a beautiful pallet of botanic colour and in the spring, the blossom provides a cheerful background.

Living around a luscious garden

The Van Eyck Park residential area consists of two former office buildings and a car park, which, while they currently present a desolate, disconsolate sight, they will soon be transformed into a welcoming urban housing estate of three building volumes in and around the communal inner garden. The two buildings currently on the avenue will be given a modern, stylish design and they will border the luscious enclosed garden with large trees and pleasant paths. In the middle, a wooden small-scale pavilion will arise with corner apartments well-lit by natural light.


The Garden

Launch on the 6th May

  • Well-lit apartments with rooms with windows on two sides
  • Double terraces with view of enclosed garden
  • 1 and 2 bedroom apartments
  • 5 storeys high
  • Surface areas from 78 to 113 m²
  • Terrace surface areas from 12 to 23 m²
Van Eyck Park | Koramic Real Estate

The Pavilion

Launch 6th May

  • Apartments in luscious enclosed garden
  • Well-lit corner apartments
  • 1 and 2 bedroom apartments
  • 3 storeys high
  • Surface areas from 68 to 109 m²
  • Terrace surface areas from 5 to 20 m²
Van Eyck Park | Koramic Real Estate

The Park

Launch 6th May

  • Frontal views of park and enclosed garden
  • Well-lit apartments with rooms with windows on two sides
  • 2 to 4 bedrooms
  • 8 storeys high
  • Surface areas from 133 to 140 m²
  • Terrace surface areas from 12 to 40 m²

Comfort and sustainability

The garden and greenery are central to the Van Eyck Park’s design and the techniques employed. The items listed below guarantee low energy bills and a high degree of comfort:

  • Heat pump utilising geothermics
  • Cooling in the summer
  • Type C+ ventilation
  • High performance glazing
  • Thermic and acoustic ventilation
  • Underground parking, above-ground bicycle shelter

Luxurious appartments with a view

For a view of the municipal park, you need to be in the building on the Van Eycklei. The existing construction on the avenue is being completely gutted and renovated to give it an entirely new and sustainable look. There are no apartments on the ground floor, but a luxurious, well-lit foyer that runs to the back of the building, leading out onto the beautiful communal garden. The floors above are each filled by two apartments with living rooms overlooking the municipal park and terraces, with views of the enclosed garden, next to the bedrooms. There will be two high-quality duplexes in the base of the building.


Well-lit appartments

In the peaceful Bexstraat, there is a horizontally designed building consisting of four unique residential hearts. The pleated facades and the characteristically retro entrances are a reflection of the architectural style that characterises the Stadspark neighbourhood. It is in these housing nuclei that you find the apartments tailored to your requirements, with one, two or even three bedrooms.

Stylish pavilion in the middle of the greenery

At the centre of the luscious inner garden is the pavilion: a unique addition to the housing on offer in Antwerp and ideal for anyone looking for a distinctive home in the town centre, but in green surroundings. The convivial low-rise building has just three levels, but consists of fifteen apartments in diverse sizes, each offering a corner terrace and well-lit living rooms. On the second and third level, there are also two penthouses as well as a large communal terrace that can be used by all the pavilion’s residents.


Van Eyck Park


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