About us

Koramic Real Estate is the independent real estate company of the Koramic Group, which was founded in 1883. Thanks to our proven track record, Koramic Real Estate now manages an extensive real estate portfolio and is currently developing several impressive residential and commercial projects.

Mission & vision

Koramic Real Estate is an ambitious and growing real estate firm. Our multidisciplinary team of nearly 40 professionals combines extensive expertise in technical, architectural, commercial, financial and legal aspects of real estate investment, development, sales and management.

We’re headquartered in Kortrijk, Belgium, with local offices established in the other countries in which we are active. Our business strategy focuses on two key activities:

Koramic Real Estate invests in commercial real estate within its home market of Belgium, such as office buildings and industrial real estate in various markets, which we manage and rent out. We continuously seek new buildings and sites to offer our clients the best possible options.

Responding to the diverse needs of business customers with core activities outside of real estate, we offer tailored solutions: we develop customized real estate, including office premises, commercial properties, warehouses and industrial buildings. In addition, Koramic Real Estate has developed a unique leaseback formula for each of them.

We develop residential and commercial real estate in Belgium, Poland, Germany and Romania. We ensure the value-added reuse of land and steer complex construction projects to successful completion.


Koramic Real Estate has an extensive real estate portfolio in Belgium. We also develop in Belgium, Poland, Germany and Romania. Koramic Real Estate employs around 40 professionals in 4 countries with deep knowledge of the technical, financial, tax and legal aspects of real estate. Strong principles, ambition and innovation are central to everything we do, both within our team and in our interactions with customers and partners.


Koramic Real Estate evolved from the Koramic Group, which was founded in 1883 as “Pottelberg Roof Tile Factory” (Dakpannenfabriek Pottelberg). As a manufacturer of building materials, the Group invested in the purchase of land for its activities.

Koramic Real Estate was established as an independent company and the fully fledged real estate authority within the Group, boasting a skilled workforce and a distinctive track record in real estate investment and development.

As we work towards achieving our growth targets in the coming years, we will expand our portfolio with innovative new development projects and high-value added investments, locally and internationally.