A new pearl in Kortrijk

On the Buda Island – the bustling and historic part of Kortrijk – Koramic Real Estate is realising the stylish and inspiring residential project Meerlenhof along the Damkaai where the Meyhui shop used to be located.

Unique location
At this exceptional location along the Leie, 5 town houses and 19 flats will be built. With respect for the past and a vision of a sustainable future, a unique place of residence with a lush garden will be created along the water.

Contemporary living with respect for the past
In the historically valuable building, formerly known as Fabrique des Plaques Photographiques Leaucourt, five flats with gardens and a view of the rich greenery of the private inner courtyard will be built. The facade of the building will be completely renovated so that its historical soul and authenticity are preserved for the future. The constructions behind are completely new so that the flats can enjoy all modern comforts.

The flats
Along the Leie and overlooking the garden are the ‘Leie flats’. Here you will find 13 exceptional flats in a new building with a harmonious architecture. Great attention has been paid to materials, texture and colour, giving the building a timeless elegance.

The ‘Park’ flats are located in the garden. An existing building is transformed into a small-scale residence with 6 flats with the same high-quality architecture that forms a unity with the other buildings.

The Garden
The garden, which has been there since time and was referred to as the ‘Meerlenhof’, will be restored to its former glory and become an oasis of peace. With contemporary accents and infill, it will become a hidden gem, unique for living in a city.

Exceptional living!
Would you like to know more?
Take a look at our project page or the website of Meerlenhof, or call 056/26.96.09.